Impact of Scents on Your Well-Being

Scent is powerful, a familiar scent can conjure up a lovely memory or a beautiful moment. This feeling can transport you to a different time and place, and this is because scent is strongly connected to our emotions.

This is known as aromachology, it is the scientific study behind the psychology benefits of aromas. It studies the psychological impact a smell can have on the brain. Have you ever wondered why a certain scent has a calming effect on you? Why a scent makes you feel good, or bad for that matter? 

Scent is linked to both your memory and emotion and what you smell can have a huge psychological impact. Your sense of smell is one of the most powerful senses you have and this should be used to your advantage. If you need help concentrating at work, or if you’re experiencing sleepless nights—scent has the power to help. The influence of fragrance is bigger than you think and can positively affect body and soul.



This is going to depend on your own association with a smell as to whether it promotes relaxation for you or not. There is no written rule and fragrance houses over the years have found fragrance families as a great way for exploring different emotions and this might be a good place to start when exploring which scent is going to be best for your mental well-being.


Are you stressed and you need more peace? Lavender could be the answer, because it is known for relaxing muscles and nerves, and therefore has an overall calming and restful effect. Lavender scent also appears to help alleviate insomnia and pain, while also releasing “feel good” hormones like dopamine which lifts your spirits.


Are you trying to concentrate more at work? Time to whip out the peppermint. Peppermint is a good choice, because research shows that it can positively influence your performance. The fact that it has been said that peppermint can work wonders on hangovers makes it one of our favourites on this list.


Woody fragrances like sandalwood, cedarwood and patchouli have the ability to give you a cocooned feeling, which helps you to feel grounded, and tapped into that inner strength. Musk, while not being a woody fragrance on its own provides a slightly different output by enhancing the cocooning effect.

Floral fragrances from flowers such as jasmine, magnolia and white iris have always been considered ‘clean’ aromas, hence promoting a cleansing of the mind and relieving stress. 




A great way to introduce these different fragrances into your home can be via Scented Candles or Reed diffusers. 

The Scented Candles creates a cozy atmosphere that helps enhance the relaxation while the diffusers diffuse these fragrances daily in small doses so you’re relaxed and at ease in your home every time. 

You can look through our fragrances and their ingredients to help inform the best choice for your wellbeing.